The Montessori School in Kleinburg is an accredited Montessori school located in the village of Kleinburg, Ontario. We are proud to provide an authentic Montessori education combined with the Ministry of Education curriculum to our student body of toddlers (aged eighteen months and up) to grade six. Through enriching academic opportunity, we strive to ensure our students develop a life-long love of learning about themselves and the world around them.
Vincenza Marzano,
  • Mariangela Muia, Parent
    In the last 18 months that we have been at MSK we have watched our daughter Maria blossom, more importantly, she has friendships that we know she will cherish forever. Not only has Maria developed such great friends, but we as parents have also developed great relationships with the parents at MSK.   I have to say we are lucky to be a part of MSK because we feel that we are all here with a common goal; to learn! Not only do we have you (Mrs. Vincenza) to go to for support, but we also have such wonderful SPECIAL GIFTED teachers whom are approachable. We started at MSK with the thought that we were only going to enroll in the Casa Program, now seeing the results and accomplishments we know that we are here for the long term, and we are not looking back!   Thank you for making our time here enjoyable and WE look forward to a long-term relationship with the Staff at MSK.
    Mariangela Muia, Parent
  • Amanda Bonitatibus
    This is my first year at MSK and I find myself always talking good about this school. I often say “it’s like a family” or “they’re so neutering.” Making the decision of what school to send your child to, is a huge one!! For me, my daughter is extremely shy and very attached to me so it made it even harder. Having a school like MSK makes me feel so comfortable when I drop her off, knowing she doesn’t express her feelings at all to anyone other than me or my husband. She has learned so much in the first year, I’m amazed! I give all the credit to her amazing teachers and the entire staff for having such a calm and focused education environment in the school at all times!
    Amanda Bonitatibus
  • The Rand Family
    We joined MSK about three years ago and have had the pleasure of witnessing the benefits of a quality, authentic Montessori education first-hand. Our son started in Casa and next year will be moving into MSK’s Lower Elementary program. Our daughter recently moved from Toddler into MSK’s Casa program. Both of our children are flourishing and have developed a passion and natural enthusiasm for learning. This is in large part due to MSK’s fantastic environment and wonderful staff who have a sincere dedication to teaching and working with each child as an individual. We can say with confidence that MSK was one of the best decisions we’ve made for our children, providing a solid foundation that will prove invaluable to them not only as children, but as adults.
    The Rand Family
I'm honoured to write on behalf of the Montessori school of Kleinburg (MSK), an educational canvas of young minds, seasoned compassion, and a curiosity that never grows old. My daughter has been attending the school for three years. Each day she comes home with a smile on her face, bursting to share her highlights of the day and teach me something new in the process.

The level of dedication, enthusiasm, and genuine care for each child and family is evident and appreciated. There is a visceral understanding of the need to support learning in both concrete and abstract terms - and to embrace the natural desire to learn.

I would not hesitate to recommend MSK to anyone seeking a supportive educational platform for young minds. Faculty and staff alike understand the value of partnering in education and are wholeheartedly committed to building our leaders of tomorrow.

Appreciative Casa Yellow Parent


The Montessori School of Kleinburg is an independent, non-denominational school serving a diverse community of families. Our goal is to give our students access to the best Montessori and Ontario Ministry of Education curriculum. We are comprised of a dedicated team of professionals that believe education leads our souls on a pathway to determine what is best for us and in doing so, we will make the most out of our lives. At the Montessori School of Kleinburg, students will learn about respect, responsibility, and resourcefulness both about themselves and the world around them. Our students will learn within a safe, scenic and enriched environment to ensure that they continue to grow and become an aware, respectful and contributing member of society.



June 8, 2019

Thank you for supporting our 14th Annual Gala.

June 8, 2019

Congratulations to all MSK Graduates.

January 28, 2019

MSK Wins Top Choice Montessori School of 2019 in Vaughan



Our Montessori School in Kleinburg alumni have gone on to find incredible success after their years with us.

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