Our Montessori School of Kleiburg are sponsoring two children in Africa, providing them with all of their educational needs including their post-secondary education.


Hussein is a real star. His apprenticeship, post his initial studies in auto-mechanics and completing 2 diplomas, has been grueling. He works from 7 to 7 every day at a garage in town learning more skills.

In January, he will begin his next diploma in welding. We hope to employ him with the OKOA Moto-Ambulance project. This will give him more balance in his life to start his own business.

He is helpful, kind, and hard-working. He and Putiyei have a great bond.

Over the weekend, he climbed Mbeya Peak with us. It was nice to see him during the day since he always comes home late. He is incredibly determined.


Clever is 9 years old and is in Grade 2 and will start Grade 3 in January. He is vibrant and charming. He is the first to pull a prank on someone at the Peace Home and the first to climb up the mango trees when the season is in full swing. Currently, he is among the top performing students in his grade at the Primary School in Mswiswi. His English is definitely the best at the Peace Home. Edina, the mama at the Peace Home has an extremely strong bond with Clever. It is amazing to watch the two of them together. He adores her and she him. Her guidance and love have been instrumental to his growth and development. His cheekiness, intelligence and curiosity can be directly attributed to the love and care he has received from Edina. Clever has many dreams. Sometimes, he wants to be a police officer. Other times, he dreams of owning big businesses. On other days, he wants to be a doctor. His life at the Peace Home has given him the previous gift of being allowed the space to dream and envision a wonderful future for himself.


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